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Zoom Calls



Hi all. I've got a VO buyer who wants to go through their script via Zoom. I wonder how a call is set up with a buyer?? I remember seeing somewhere that it's ok to do a Zoom call within the Fiverr order page, but I can't find the functionality / option to do this. Anyone used this feature or knows how to do it??

Many thanks

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I believe the zoom call option is only available to VID buyers, Pro Sellers, or certain sellers that offer their services within a specific niche.

Here is what I can find on the subject in the Fiverr help section - https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011062838-Video-Calls

It kind of sucks that unless your buyer is a VID, or you operate in one of the listed categories, that some buyers are excluded from being able to use the video call functionality, especially when it can be extremely useful to the whole customer journey and ensuring the buyers requirements are thoroughly understood.

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