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  1. I agree - I've posted elsewhere 're the nonsensical stuff I get sent from BRs. E.g, vo work in different languages, different genders and general 'offers' of work that wouldn't even earn a fraction of the minimum wage here in the UK (yes we have one). Interestingly, of the ones I've applied to and been selected for (only 2 in 3 months), both my successful bids were way above the price that was being offered. BRs is actually a bit like visiting this forum; you need to sift through a lot of cr*p to find those threads worth replying to... 😃
  2. Is it anything to do with not going to bed for lengthy periods of time by any chance?? 😌
  3. This sentence would have been a 'fail' in my book! 😄
  4. This is a common concern. The answer is equally simple. If after 2 months, you have had no orders, you have nothing to lose by changing your gig. (Ranking well doesn't matter if you're getting no orders!!). Concentrate on a well written gig desc in perfect English, choose your keywords and tags carefully and do as much research as you can - i.e. look at what your 'successful' competitors are doing then emulate (don't copy) it .... Good luck.
  5. Good spot @theratypist! I think the poster should invest in a better translation tool - or give up altogether :)
  6. Hi @uk1000& @alexandamedia, that's a great help - 'Thank you for valuable Informations'! :)
  7. Hi all - quick question mainly for VOs, but equally anyone else that has experience of sending multiple files in one order. A buyer has asked for an audio file to be split into 5 units i.e 5 separate audio files. Like many VOs, I do this for a supplementary charge, but I wondered, how in practical terms, this is done on the 5r platform. As we can make only 'one' delivery, does anyone have a recommendations? I'm thinking of a zip file, but if there is an alternative, better way that you've used, then I'm all ears :) Thanks in advance
  8. Conga Rats @smashradio. Apparently with the Grand Master rank, you now also get the keys to all 5r's algorithm secrets. With the 'wizard type' power you now possess, you can place any gig on the first page in minutes, in any niche, with bucket loads of orders at triple the price of your competitors. Useful to know for anyone who wants to be successful on 5r and emulate your success - that and staying online for 30 hours each day of course. 😃
  9. Good points @gina_riley2. Furthermore, this topic isn't exclusive to freelancing on 5r. In any walk of life, keeping the customer happy is important , but not allowing them to take the p**s is equally vital - not least for your own sanity. Personally, if a buyer wants a revision (even when they've reached their quota), if it's going to take me a matter of seconds, I will probably do it. If they ask for something that will take time, and it exceeds the threshold of me being 'nice' - then I will explain it's outside of their original order parameters and look to charge them extra. Every seller on 5r needs to decide what that threshold is - given their niche and their time. 5r , or the online world of ecommerce, is no different to anywhere else.
  10. In all seriousness though, it's difficult sometimes to tell gender, age, country of origin etc when receiving an initial first message. - and the least thing you want to do is upset someone. So I keep it simple, play safe and just open by saying Hi(usename). I think you can set this up in quick responses....
  11. definitely #1 or #2 😄 #3 is just soooo boring...who in their right mind would use that ??
  12. I actually tell them. I think I have a stock answer for it too - goes something like this... "no problem, I can do that for you - you have x revisions within your original order in any case! Is there anything else you want amended at this point?" I'm sure not every buyer actually looks at the amount of revisions anyway when they buy a gig, or maybe forgets - but I always give the same answer, advising them of the limit, so they know, as soon as they ask for a revision - how many they've got left. Hope that makes sense!
  13. Who knows! - They've got to be selective that's for sure!! I have my first virtual meeting next Wednesday which is diarised for 1/2 hour. I found this - https://www.fiverr.com/jobs/QjkuRTE2, which sheds some light on what the success manager role entails, what is expected and the time each seller is likely given. Interesting reading.... Although, in the opening paragraph it says "Fiverr is looking for a Customer Success Manager who will drive retention and growth among our most valuable customers by understanding their business needs and helping them succeed." Quite how I'm "among Fiverr's most valuable customers", after only 2 months on the platform is anyone's guess! 😄
  14. Hi @theratypist, I may have clicked on a link or something to apply but, honestly, I can't remember. Either way, given the numbers of sellers who must be applying since it was launched - I'm still surprised that I was invited and/or accepted so soon after joining the platform. No doubt, as with everything else on 5r, there is a selection algo at work that filters sellers who want to join - maybe I got lucky??
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