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  1. Well I'm glad it's not just me @newsmike!! My personal 'fall off a cliff' happened around that time. I consulted my SM, who said that my private feedback was good. So, I was told was to change my gigs, metadata etc and see what happens. My issue is, why change something when it was working perfectly before?? What EXACTLY am I meant to change and more to the point, why?? Above all, if my gigs were producing results 'yesterday' why are they now not working today?? So, I share your exasperation Mike - with no in depth reasoning or rationale from SMs as to the cause - how on earth can we go about correcting it?? For $29 a month, I too expect something a bit less arbitrary, random & opaque - a bit more than frankly, what is available to any seller on the platform. Seller Plus really ain't fit for purpose as things stand....
  2. I agree with @smashradio. There is always a reason. That said, 5 months in 5r 'purgatory' is still a very long time?
  3. Just had a meet with my SM. She wasn't able to give too much away, as nothing has been announced yet, but confirmed that there will be 2 tiers. She said that I will be eligible for both (not sure that will be the same across the board), and that it will be implemented soon - whatever 'soon' means! Not much, I know, but a bit of an update!
  4. No email received here either - although as it happens, I've got a SP meeting tomorrow, so no doubt I'll find out then!
  5. Ha! Not at all. I'm sure we've all seen a lot worse. Think Epstein / Prince Andrew!! @damooch916. That's good. I'm glad that's cleared up!
  6. @damooch916, I didn't mean to hijack your thread. Are you really having a go at me for going 'off topic' - it's hard to tell ?? I had read (most of) the content before I posted, so was fully aware of the context. However, If you truly feel that the arrival of a new king - has absolutely nothing to do with the death of a previous monarch, then I stand corrected & apologise profusely for entering the conversation. Indeed, if this thread bears no reference to events over here in the UK, and is merely a 'timing coincidence' then I stand doubly corrected. Regardless of whether "there are threads dedicated to the Queen’s passing and this isn’t one of them", I'll leave others to judge if the connection I made and my input to the topic was reasonable ...
  7. ...We're all a bit touched by the Queen's passing here in the UK if I'm honest. It's something we all knew would happen one day of course, but it's still hard to digest. We're a strange bunch us Brits. Whilst being completely irreverent to most types of authority, we've always (I would say 95% of the population) cherished the Queen and what she stood for. It's a bit of a contradiction. I know that the Royal family is popular in other parts of the world and given that she was the longest serving head of state anywhere, also very news worthy. I wondered, are you still receiving lots of news coverage re the funeral and Charles III where you are / or has it all subsided now ??
  8. Well....I just got my 1st 'successful' brief (and resultant order). Buyer ordered - no quibbles, paid my full advertised rate. So far, so good!
  9. I'm all for people finding comfort in life. Through religion, a shared belief, a sense of belonging, or whatever else floats your boat and gives you solace, balance and deep meaning to your life. Although I don't believe in most of it myself, if it brings happiness to an individual, then fair enough. It's the method of delivery that I can't get my head around... flogging it on 5r, just makes me laugh. But people are people and they will believe what they want to believe.... I'm going to buy one of these gigs and ask to cast a spell to win the lottery - I'll let you all know what happens!!!!
  10. @moikchap, one hour each session - so it's a good workout. I'm in my 50s now, so I will probably have to cut back a bit soon! It's the recovery rate that's the thing - and what is leaving me as I get older. Some days, when I wake up in the mornings after a game, it takes me 1/2 an hour to cross the kitchen to make a coffee! Thankfully though, being a VO artist and working from home, I don't have to struggle too much to get to work!!
  11. I am proud of the fact that I am ageing ...disgracefully! I eat what I like, with an eye for healthy living, but I'm not governed by it. I have however done a lot of exercise over the years and continue to do so - I still play 5 a side (soccer) twice, three times a week, so that definitely keeps the weight in check. But as for worrying about 'putting on a bit' here and there, turning grey, or losing my hair - nah, I don't worry about it!
  12. All of the above. Also, so that you don't have to disseminate every enquiry - why not set up some quick replies to cover most scenarios in your niche. All in perfect English of course. That in itself, will save you a lot of time and heartache. Good luck.
  13. My goodness - given the volume of orders and income some of these sellers are getting, I should create a gig for that too!! Seriously though, does anyone know (briefly) how this works on 5r - surely any positivity recommendations can be replicated for any customer and no buyer would be any the wiser?? Or am I missing something? I wait to be enlightened.
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