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I wrote english skill test in the latest browser of chrome, the test showed some error and test is paused, it is asking me to take retest after 92 days? What am I suppose to do, can someone from fiverr team help me sort out this as my gigs are not getting



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Guest tamimh1114

You have try to take test more than 2 times, That's why Fiver say this you can take test again after 92 days. Everyone can take test 2 time per subject on three months. You will be able to take 2 time after 92 days from now.

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4 hours ago, shopifyexpertes said:

Don't worry about this, after finishing the requirements & gallery. please go back your overview and change category( e-commerce development>full website creation> etc) and then publish your gig. And now after publish your gig  go back your gig edit option and set your category on overview and others. and after set your overview and require your changes save your gig, and then check for preview. your gig welly published. hope you understand, For more details search on YouTube how to publish gig without test.

Such attempts to cheat the system is shameful practice and should not be encouraged.

I only have one reaction.... Seriously???

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5 hours ago, shopifyexpertes said:

, For more details search on YouTube how to publish gig without test

You and those like you are cheaters!

You are taking such measures to avoid passing the test that proves your English proficiency, which Fiverr determines is necessary to sell services that require English skills. Your lack of English skills will soon become apparent and you will get poor reviews. May all such cheaters fail on the Fiverr platform so they do mot tarnish the reputation of the honest sellers.

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