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Add funds to fiverr balance


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3 hours ago, letsgodigital said:


It would be good we buyer have option to add funds to fiverr balance and can buy gig anytime they want without having to go to checkout.

Currently it only when there is a cancel order.


I find the checkout to be increadibly simple on Fiverr. If you've added Paypal as an option and you're logged in to everything, it takes me 20 seconds or less to go through checkout. 

But I'm curious as to why this isn't an option, though. It would give Fiverr a nice cash flow. But I can see how this could create issues if the buyer wishes to withdraw the funds again. Since only sellers can withdraw funds, and those funds have to be Fiverr Revenue, I can see how that might complicate things. 

Then again, they could have the option to withdraw the funds again. 

But really: the checkout is super simple. So I don't see a need for this as a buyer. 

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