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  1. Hello It will be great if can add team members and give them access to account. Many seller here work in team so it will help a lot specially to big sellers.
  2. Well most of the freelancing platforms provides such features.
  3. You can file a support ticket through here https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new
  4. Thank you, that what I was looking for.
  5. I already check that just wanted to know if any top seller here who has not been seller plus getting that option.
  6. Hi Can anyone help me with this question, I want to know if early payout option is available for top seller who have not subscribe to seller plus?
  7. It good idea to offer seasonal gigs, though there will very limited choices. Yes whiteboard videos are quite expensive but you can find some level 1 or 2 seller with somewhat good skills and economical price. Happy holidays 😄
  8. What do you mean by fiverr skills? It your personal skills, internet now have enough resources on every sort of skill that you can think off. Find your interests and than learn that skills.
  9. It alright if it one time, just be careful next time.
  10. For the first part that your fault just because other seller breaking TOS does not imply your gig should not be penalized. Second part that is really unfortunate there are some buyers who abuse the system. I would suggest to contact support and let them know about the work done they might reimburse you.
  11. Learning new skills and applying them strategically
  12. I recently got selected for seller pro, so far i am liking it. Detail analytics, keyword, mentor and cherry on the top early access to payment.
  13. If you meant showing portfolio on your profile than that is only for top sellers.
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