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  1. Through facebook you can but not with adwords.
  2. I just got it today and i had been level 2 seller from over a 3 months and over 30 reviews. You will get email once fiverr decide it.
  3. Is gig promotion worth it? CPC is really high.
  4. I keep getting messages from other sellers who asked me to outsource my work to them for half price. Or some try to seller discounted webhosting plans? Does this happen with any other seller here?
  5. You can remind the buyer to leave a review if they like your work. It is allowed on Fiverr, just don't ask for positive review. Good luck
  6. I am not sure if it allowed to advertise your gig on facebook? I did read in some post that it was not allowed to advertise on google adword so i guess same goes for facebook.? Correct me if i am wrong.
  7. Ya it just a goal, I don't mind being level 2 as it quite good too. To be honest I was sharing it here because i am loving spending time here on this forum so trying to find new posts to make more engaging positive work talks. Thanks for sharing your insight on it.
  8. I am in INFP too, it a close gap btw INFJ and INFP. They both effected by other people vibes so they need to lookout for themselves. I hope you doing that.🙂
  9. I love small talks when i am with someone i feel totally comfortable with, though it very rare. Have you took the MBTI test?
  10. Ya i feel you specially making small talks can be so draining, I do like work talks too most of the times as It come natural without have to think about it other than that sometime i do love making deep talks with fellow introverts on reddit.
  11. It definitely help and specially in developing countries it can be a real deal, earning in dollars can make a huge impact, I have seen several freelancers who are living a much better life all thanks to platforms like fiverr.
  12. Well not online, usually introvert overshare things online if it was in person it would be a totally different story. Being a introvert i can vouch for that.
  13. I think every seller aspire to be TRS, I wish you luck for that.
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