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These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will create an attractive short video ads for promote your business
In the gig description:
"Why You Choice Me :" could be "Why choose me:"

Gig: I will create amazing promotional video ads for commercial video
In the gig description:
"Why you choice me ?" could be "Why choose me?"

Gig: I will create awesome promotional video ads for facebook and youtube
In the FAQ section:
"I have alreadu purchased" could be "I have already purchased" in answer 2.
"Can you delivered me quickly ?" could be "Can you deliver quickly?" in question 3.

In the profile:
"i am" could be "I am"
"exprience" could be "experience"
"I completed many project" could be "I have completed many projects"
"eficiently" could be "efficiently"
"copy past job." could be "copy-paste job"

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