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Fiverr awarding badge on 95% repeating buyers

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12 minutes ago, ahmad328516 said:

i just check today that fiverr awarding badge to those who have 95% repeating buyers . can anyone show me which badge show on our profile . anyone get this badge ? ahmad328516

i am also eCommerce manager. you can get each and every services about amazon , shopify, woocommerce , ebay , etsy from me . Thanks 

regards : Ahmad328516


You see that cup symbol on the line at 95 points? It looks like that, and it shows up on your gigs with a message that "<username> has an exceptional number of returning buyers" or something like that. I used to have it, but it dropped to 94 this month because I got some new buyers. 

Guess we're getting punished for attracting new buyers. Who would have thought. :D By the way. It's not 95%. It's just a score awarded based on how many repeat buyers you have. I have 47% repeat buyers and a score of 93 on my best-selling gig.  

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