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  1. Hey folks, Today I had two deliveries come back as “revision requests” for things that aren’t actually revision requests (one asking for a completely different project and another asking for a quote). In both cases I have asked them to withdraw the revisions but neither customer can figure out how. i have obviously tried googling “Fiverr withdraw revision request” but didn’t find anything useful. Thanks!
  2. My experience is that customers either aren't reading the FAQs or are just chosing to ignore them.
  3. Say I was to buy a campervan and go travelling all around Europe using 5G as my data source. Will my account be ok or am I going to get hit with the Fiverr ban hammer for "location inconsistencies" ? Is there any way to formally let Fiverr know I'm roaming?
  4. Hey folks. Almost every day in this forum I see posts like "Fiverr did X and then my sales dropped". It's easy to assume that because one thing happened it caused the other, but that is not always the case. For example, when Fiverr introduced the success score your sales dropped. The two *could* be related or it could be that your niche got flooded with new sellers or one of your competitors dropped their prices, or some other sellers got promoted to a higher rank, or a competitor changed their gig iamges, or you got a bad private review. If you assume the cause, it stops you from looking for alternatives and potentially finding the real cause of your sales drop. Which might just be something you can fix! Correlation does not imply causation on Wikipedia for those who want to read more.
  5. Eugh... colour theory is largely pseudoscience. Yes, colour can influence behavior but it's a lot more nuanced than "green is good, red is bad" primarily because it's largely cultural. Take the colour black for example... in the western world it's associated with death, whereas in parts of asia white is the colour of death. Red is another one - in the western world it means "stop, urgent" etc but people in China percieve the colour completely differently.
  6. The scammers target the new buyers in the expectation they will perhaps think this kind of stuff is normal. 've been around for a couple of years and have TRS and aside from the rare chancer who tries to get something for free, I get very few scam messages. (PS, in the App you can block people you don't want to waste your time on).
  7. This is very true, by day I work at a large international company alongside colleagues from all over the world. Culture can really trip people over when they aren't used to dealing with people outside of their own bubble. There is a great book called "The Culture Map" by Erin Meyer that I strongly reccomend people to read if they are dealing with international colleagues or clients.
  8. Yup, I'm a TRS and seem to get the same generic responses I got before, only now I get them faster!
  9. Don't forget you can reply to reviews to give your side of the story. I had a similar situation and pushed back in my reply. I have since had customers message me saying that they loved my "no nonsense" approach and subsequently ordered based on my reply.
  10. You can't do anything to change the review, but you can respond to the review and leave your side of the story. I recently got a relatively negative review and posted my response on there explaining the situation. I've even had customers since then comment on it during our initial conversations and praise my handling of the situation.
  11. If you don't have an active order, you can block people on Fiverr via the app (but for some reason not via the website!)
  12. Get used to it, this happens all the time. I have completed 336 orders and have 178 reviews that means just under 50% of my customers don't bother to leave reviews.
  13. First rule of Fiverr: don't do any work until you have an order. It's a pretty common scam for people to ask for free samples or for you to complete a "test" before they give you a job - it's just a way to get you to do work for free.
  14. I wish there was a way to flag Fiverr with “I’m travelling”. I would love to go and travel while doing my Fiverr gigs but I just know that would get me flagged in the same way!
  15. This is not enough to trigger location inconsistencies. What might cause it is if you are using a VPN.
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