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How to create attractive Gig image


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Gig image is so much important to get more orders on Fiverr.

I think you know lots of sellers creating their gig daily on Fiverr and they are trying to sell their service and rank their gig on the first page. So you should create your Gig image more attractive than others. Because when the Client searches on the Fiverr search bar for any kind of service client will see lots of seller gig images but he or she will click only a few Attractive gig images that are eye-catching.

So Please make your Gig image just Awesome using photoshop or other software and don,t forget to rename your gig image name using your keywords or Gig title.

Thank you

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Please follow the steps for attractive gig image.

  • If you want to do this you must recharge more gigs.
  • Follow how they tried to make Gig attractive.
  • Get a much better idea from their gig image.
  • Remember, gig images of others cannot be used in any way.
  • Of course you have to know the basic of Photoshop.
  • Even if you don't know, you can learn by visiting YTB.

Thank You

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First of all Basic criteria

1. For an attractive gig Image you first need to fix the color of the Image.

2. Nothing more can be written without the Gig title and logo of the images

3. To make both the picture and the title SEO

4. Gig image size will be optimize Fiver like 3019× 2019 px

Just personal opinion 

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