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How much time for receive a order to new Fiverr seller ?



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On 8/24/2021 at 10:16 PM, alimran890 said:

Can say anyone what way and how much time for receive order fast time to a new seller? Help me. Because  i cannot receive any order in 2 months  passing of published my gig.

Here has no limited/fixed time to get 1st order, it's depend on your gig quality or ranking.

To improve your gig read these tips from Fiverr help center


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4 hours ago, alimran890 said:

how much time

For some, it takes hours. For others, it can take months. And some never make a sale.

4 hours ago, alimran890 said:

what way

By offering something that someone needs and by being good enough at doing it that the said someone is willing to pay you to do it.

It also helps if your services are not something that tens of thousands of others are already offering, unless you're truly exceptional and your work is so amazing it will stand out among 10,000+ gigs offering the same thing.

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59 minutes ago, sajjid_khan said:

This advice is not for you just for him. cz he spend 2 month and got no order.

It's still not true that the only way to get an order is to send 10 offers to BR every day.

Not to mention that some send offers for several months and still don't get orders.

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