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  1. It's not allow to promote your gig on forum and attach your gig link.
  2. Active all time and one thing you can do make some changes on your gigs so that your gigs will rank again.
  3. This advice is not for you just for him. cz he spend 2 month and got no order.
  4. 2 Month. You have to afford on it. send 10 buyer request daily, there is no alternating way to get your first order.
  5. Great to hear, But One thing never do $50 job in $5.
  6. I new seller on fiverr I got 3 order in one day And I complete 10 order. Thank you
  7. Yes, I liked your advice to protect my family. thank you
  8. It feels amazing I can't even explain how it feels. It takes 2 month.
  9. Thank you so much for appreciate.
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