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want to know about using low competition key word in gig title ,


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Hello Every one 

I hope You are well.

I want to know something using low competition key words.

we always say use low competition key words to improve your gig performance. in this point I have a question  .

if buyer came to the market place don't search the key words that I using as a low competitions key word. then what is the  benefit of using these key words?

I mean to say" how do I know, this key words are buyer search about and it has low competition.   "

one more question , is there any way get an idea about  the search value of a key word in Fiverr ?


Thank You, Ariyan Shihab.

Have a good day.

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Here's the deal: you need to strike a balance. Using keywords with less competition will make it easier to rank for that keyword. That doesn't mean you'll get more buyers, since, as you pointed out, fewer will search for those keywords. 

I make it a point to write my gig titles both for the search engine and for the buyer. I want my gig titles to sound natural. It should be instantly known what I'm offering. 

In order to find the most relevant keywords for your gig, simply type in something in search and see what pops up in autocomplete. I wouldn't try to rank for the lowest keywords in my gig title: the character space is precious. 

There's no definitive answer here. 

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