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  1. Hello Everyone. I hope You are well. My name is Ariyan Shihab. And I’m a new member of this amazing community. Whenever I ask a question on this platform I get a lot of valid answers. Well, now I have a list of some questions. I hope I will get some valid and responsible answers . Here is the list of questions. (Gig Rotation ) is it true ? Or just a myth? I can’t find any edit options when I upload a video for Gig to set a Thumbnail. And that’s why I used to publish my gig first and then edit my entire Gig to set the video thumbnail. Here is the screen record of my problem Loom Video link Can you please give any solution about this problem How many times should I wait to check my gig performance ( number in days ) usually if our gig doesn't perform well, basically we do two things ( a ) Edit the Gig ( b ) Delete the gig and recreate it. Now Please give me a time frame on how many days I should wait to check my gig performance before deleting it. Any article or video do you want to suggest to improve my communication skill with my buyers? Any tips for creating gig video? If you don't want to answer all of them you can answer a single one. But please Give me some solution Thank You Very much Have a good day
  2. Hello everyone I have two questions one of them is very important (according to me ) another one is a little bit silly. Question No 1: when I want to use a video on my gig, how could I set which part of the video will display when it appears on the search result ( before anyone clicks on it). This questions is a little bit silly if don’t want to answer it, it’s ok! Question No2: if Elementor is my parent’s keyword then what words can be used as a child keyword. Thank You for your time to read my stupid questions. Have a good day
  3. can you please say something about your gig impression ?
  4. Hello Every one, I hope you are well, I‘m new to this platform and I want to know something about SEO titles. I don’t have any idea how two create an SEO-friendly as well ass attractive gig title. . And after that when My gig is already published and the URL has been generated. At this point, I want to edit my gig title for a well attractive and grammatically correct Gig title. So what do you think about it? Will it be a good idea for me or will it be a bad idea for me? Thank You in Advanced Have a good day, Ariyan Shihab
  5. Thanks for tour valuable response. any tips for new seller like me to increase gig impression ?
  6. Hello Every one I hope You are well. I want to know something using low competition key words. we always say use low competition key words to improve your gig performance. in this point I have a question . if buyer came to the market place don't search the key words that I using as a low competitions key word. then what is the benefit of using these key words? I mean to say" how do I know, this key words are buyer search about and it has low competition. " one more question , is there any way get an idea about the search value of a key word in Fiverr ? Thank You, Ariyan Shihab. Have a good day.
  7. Hello Every one I have a question there is 5 gig in my profile and sad part is non them are in the good position. they are in worst position ever(note: they never ranked before) now my question is what could be best solution for me, 1. delete all gig's and re create with them with some more valid information. 2. edit them to do some changes . Special Note: on of my gig has two 5star review And I don't want to delete it. so what do think what should I do to get more impressions on my gig? have good day
  8. Hello Every one, I'm a WordPress web designer. And I'm new on this platform , I have some question and know a valid and authentic answer. suppose, on of my client want to add social media on there website and a Email Address , now for this job I have ask the client for these information's . so question is how can I ask them for social media link and email id, because this information are personal info of a buyer. my main point is if I ask my buyer by using these words { face book id, Instagram id ,email id ( you know what I want to say) }. dose it break Fiverr TOS ? I hope I will get some valid response on this question. Thank You Have a good day,
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