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How can Improve my Gig.


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I am Stivenson and a Digital Marketer .I am new in fiverr . So I don't know everything .My service is based on Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics ,Google Ads,Facebook ads 

Google Conversion Trackig ,Data layer Business Manager problem Solution ,Google Marchent Account Suspension etc.But I don't know how can I work and Improve my gig in first page.Please advise me so that I will be successfull.

Advance Thanks

Stivenson (Digital Adviser).


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Hi there,

Couple of things:

1. Gig thumbnail not attractive. Layout is messy. Blurry Images.

2. Wrong choice of font for "marketing / ads theme"

3. Gig Tittle is bad.

4. Gigs Descriptions is short. Not convincing.


6. Change your profile image. Don't use Black Glasses. Better use white background.


I think you didn't learn anything from this forum before you made your gigs.

You are missing a lots.



Watch this free course provided by Fiverr



Wish you luck.


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Hello Stivenson, 

you can follow this fiverr algorithm,


First create a effective or eye-catching gig.

Active on online everyday minimum 12 hours.

Gig market research like, Twitter, LinekdIn, Facebook, blogger etc social pages share your gig link.

And last if you want to orders from fiverr, then you can get buyer request regularly.

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