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Effective ways to promote your gigs for maximum profit

Guest mattcutt

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Guest mattcutt

  1. Article Directories


    This is one of the fantastic idea of increasing traffic and getting back links to your gig or work. I have seen many gigs which have shown up to get more traffic. People always look for articles to be in a different group and they move their cursor towards your webpage by clicking a link at the bottom of the article to your gig.


    Directories Forum





  2. Business Directories


    The one way which gives intended effect in getting back links and small amount of traffic is posting in business directories. Most directory sites have been arranged with the listing. It is an overwhelming task to find out the directory which is suitable for your work or gig by Google Searching or using some other sites to find them.







  3. Classifieds


    Generally, we can easily make posts for free of cost through Classifieds. It helps in grabbing a large number of people towards your gig. They pay attention for making better business or service based gigs. It also directs the movement of traffic towards other gigs.





  4. Forums


    This is also one of the best way to gain traffic and back links. The thing is you should not be spammer by putting your links and you have to play significant role in contributing to forums. I will give suggestion to become running member of forums that are pertaining to your site. Use your gig link in your forum signature. By posting educational and informational posts you can grab many readers inclining towards to read your posts. So by searching for forums pertaining to your gig and sign up for those forums .By doing these things you will be attracted and gain traffic and market.


    SEO forum



  5. Social Networking Sites


    Through social networking sites like Face book, Twitter you can create traffic towards your gig or work. These are the best platforms to keep contact with a lot of friends and people in a efficient manner. Many sites contain forums and classifieds and you can post informative and intelligent posts.








    Social Networks Marketing Forum



  6. Social Bookmarking Sites


    This is also one of the best way to increase your work or web traffic. This creates astonishment in people while promoting work or gig. Many people will write killer articles and they will present their articles in social sites to get likes and increasing work traffic. By doing this work or gig traffic will get increased.







  7. Search Engines


    This is also one of the way to promote your work or gig. The thing is it requires skills and a lot of work to do. If you properly use your skills and talent in search engines then you can expect more traffic to your gig or work. This is a very important factor for those sites which sell the product and searching for changeover. To get high ranked in Google in very difficult task. For example to get high ranking in Google for keywords like “Graphic Design” is a challenging task. So I recommend you to use longer and particularized keywords.








    Search Engine Optimization



  8. Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)


    It requires a process of learning and it also cost some amount of money if your site is well designed to get more traffic. This is a very good marketing tool for giving strong effect by influencing people.






    google adword


    PPC Forum



  9. Banner Advertising


    This also plays important role in marketing your work or gig. Toughest thing in banner advertising is creating fascinating banner within an amount of area reserved for the banner. You can expect more traffic if you are creating fascinating banner with animation options.


    You can create more alluring banner by searching for sites which are pertaining to your gig and ask them for banner exchange.


    Banner/Textlink Advertising



  10. Text Link Advertising


    This is minimum expensive way to promote gig or work. In this we cannot predict the traffic rate. Some time it is ok. For text link advertising you can look into sites that are pertaining to your gig and buy text links. You can also see sites which offer text links. To get more traffic you can go along to text link sites.


    Link Sales Forum







  11. Portfolio Sites


    We can find many sites that provide portfolios of designers and artists. You can get a lot of openness to your gig by submitting your work to their sites.







  12. Tutorial Sites


    One of the best ways to get more traffic through link is submitting tutorials. Many designers get lot openness to their gig through submitting tutorials to many other sites. Such sites will be high ranked with good exposure so obtaining link from them may bring luck to your gigs also.

  13. Share on Social Networks


    If you post or publish good ones with good quality then that can be liked by many people .You will get more traffic from good articles and there is also chance of book marking your gig by the people. So post articles which express the possibility of getting more traffic to your gig.

  14. Link Exchanges


    Through this you can get high rank for keywords and it effectuates your work by getting more traffic to your gig. Before using keywords confirm that those keywords will bring on high ranking to your gigs by more traffic. This can be done by exchanging the keywords from applicable sites .So by doing this you will know status of your gig and yow will also get more traffic from keywords which give high ranking in search engines. It inloves searching for many sites which are pertaining to your sites and asking them for link exchange .You can also see following sites


    Link Exchange Forum



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