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Fiverr Revenue Card




I have requested a Fiverr Revenue Card and have received an email from Payoneer stating this 

"We're happy to let you know that you'll now receive payments from Fiverr directly to your bank account ending in XXX...."

The message is confusing me because I already had Payoneer account and as we all know, Fiverr uses Payoneer for bank transfer too.

What should I do to receive my earnings in my Payoneer Account and not in the bank account?

Will the money be transfered to Payoneer account once the card has been issued? 


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On 7/18/2021 at 4:08 PM, gmshaju085 said:

After asking Fiverr Support, i was directed w to Payoneer and they finally told me that in order to receive earnings I have to make another Payoneer account and they will merge with the older one that was made through Fiverr.

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Thanks for your answers!

I  managed to have my funds transfered to my Payoneer Account. Sorry that all this procedures is kind of unclear to me

I have another question.

Has my Fiver Revenue Card been ordered once I linked my Fiverr with Payoneer or do i have to order the card from my Payoneer account? By the way, are the Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard and Fiverr Revenue Card exactly the same thing? I mean i saw some photos that there is the FIverr logo on the Fiverr`s card. Are there any other differences regarding the fees for example or they are the same?


Thanks again !



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