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  1. Thanks for your answers! I managed to have my funds transfered to my Payoneer Account. Sorry that all this procedures is kind of unclear to me I have another question. Has my Fiver Revenue Card been ordered once I linked my Fiverr with Payoneer or do i have to order the card from my Payoneer account? By the way, are the Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard and Fiverr Revenue Card exactly the same thing? I mean i saw some photos that there is the FIverr logo on the Fiverr`s card. Are there any other differences regarding the fees for example or they are the same? Thanks again !
  2. After asking Fiverr Support, i was directed w to Payoneer and they finally told me that in order to receive earnings I have to make another Payoneer account and they will merge with the older one that was made through Fiverr.
  3. Hello If i set up a FIverr Revenue Card will I still be able to use the Direct Bank withdrawal as an alternative option ? Thanks !
  4. Can a moderator please change the subject line of this post or just delete the message? It was set by default and I did`nt notice. It seems that there is no delete function either.
  5. Hello I have requested a Fiverr Revenue Card and have received an email from Payoneer stating this "We're happy to let you know that you'll now receive payments from Fiverr directly to your bank account ending in XXX...." The message is confusing me because I already had Payoneer account and as we all know, Fiverr uses Payoneer for bank transfer too. What should I do to receive my earnings in my Payoneer Account and not in the bank account? Will the money be transfered to Payoneer account once the card has been issued?
  6. Hello everyone! I am thinking to initiate a Fiverr Revenue Card and i have a few questions. 1 - I have just checked and it seems that i already have a Payoneer account. Was this somehow automatically created when I used to withdraw my money to the bank account before? 2 - The existing Payoneer account does not have much options and does not have any card attached. Should i choose the "Already have a Payoneer account" option? 3 - Very important for me: Is the Payoneer-Fiverr Mastercard able to be used contactless? 4 - Will i have the option to choose an expedite delivery for the card like DHL or similar? Thanks alot ! Constantin
  7. Thanks for the reply! That was also one of my thoughts, i think and hope the warning just stays there and will not demote my level if there is nothing to affect it. Also thanks for the advice with the buyer requests!
  8. Hello I have just noticed a warning regarding my level 1 demotion. I did not have any orders for 7 months and i have also replied to the few messages that i have receved in a matter of a few hours maximum. Please see attached a screenshot of my current situation. Can someone tell me where is the problem and what i can do since i do not have any orders i dont undetstand what can affect my current level. I see there are two ratings greyed out. One is for all time orders and another one with the rating. None of them have been affected during the last 7 months. Where is the issue and what i can do? Thanks ! Screenshot 2021-04-28 17.43.212378×1390 235 KB
  9. Thats realy a good tiip i have not thought if. Some things can be discussed even after the offer has been accepted. What i was trying to avoid was when a client would add some requirements or you realized some details that would increase the price of the job, after the offer is accepted. How would you deal with that situation, in case there was not much talking before?
  10. I prefer to deliver earlier than in the last day or hours but maybe i am wrong and this is not a good practice…
  11. I prefer to set up longer deadlines not because it would take me that much time working 8 hours aeach day but just because i dont like tight deadlines. Maybe the example was extreme, i charge more than that for a job i set at 10-14 days. But i get your point and i also know that time is money and i need to be more efficient.
  12. Thanks, i hope so too. I think i lost a few jobs just because of this.
  13. Well you can usually tell by the way he/she replies but if the client just signed up on Fiverr it is a concern to me at least. But last time i had this problem it looks like the client did not log into the website at all. The thing is that i had a client many months ago who actually appreciated that i asked a lot of questions before i started…but i guess not all clients appreciate that 🙂
  14. Yes i am also aware that the more i talk without offering the more chances are he will be choosing someone else`s offer.
  15. I have some Gigs that require even a week or two of working and are more than 100 usd in price so i just cant throw an offer after 1 minute but i understand i should do it as fast as possible. I just dont want to make an offer and start the work without knowing the exact requirements which in the end would lead ot other problems. I did not chat for days like continously, just exchanging information about the requirements every few hours or so. But you are right i shoudl wrap things up as fast as possble.
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