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Hi there,

Hope you are doing good,
I suddenly checked my Fiverr account and my all gigs are denied and I receive an Email "My account is flagged" WHY???
The thing is that today My Previous Fiverr Client message me and offer me to work with him outside the Fiverr and I just said him SORRY, and decline him on the spot & he send me some screenshots and other stuff but I didn't even open it because I know the rules and regulations.
I was busy at that time that's why I'm unable to check his project planning, So I simply message him to contact you later.

Is it's my fault? NO, then why my account is flagged and gigs are denied, please let me know What do I do now.

As He is my Fiverr previous client I will work with him again on Fiverr!

Look forward to your positive response.



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If the Account Restricted You can’t make new orders receive new orders on Fiverr, nor you can create gigs or message anyone.
Talking about revenue, you can withdraw your revenue. However, you will need additional approval from the Fiverr team. This depends on why your account was restricted.
You will have to wait for the eventual outcome.

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