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  1. Have you solved this problem? Is your account already working?
  2. Hello, I work on Fiverr 5 month and have "31 reviews as seller". And I make one mistake and violated the rules of Fiverr. And now im waiting 7 days. My account is currently restricted and i can't contact with clients. Only i can contact with clients with hom i have active orders. I make photos and videos for people. Some people send me their product like cosmetics, clothing and other. We agreed on a price and to create an order when i recieve the package. And now my account is currently restricted. I can contact with people. And i recieve some packages. And maybe people thinking why im not answering. What is wrong with me. Please tell me how long Fiverr relevant team will review my account? Maybe you know the everage time to check account? Im so sad becouse no one can contact me. People whing that im don't answer and have theirs product.
  3. Hello, can i ask you?
    Maybe you know the average time to check your account Fiverr(when account is currently restricted)? And then I'm just waiting for the 5th day and think how much longer it may take.

  4. Hi, if i make mistake on fiverr. And break rules one time. Fiverr give me second chanse? Or thay blocked account if someone brake rules.

    1. mariashtelle1


      It depends on how severe the violation. Fiver can give you 3 warnings and block you on the third warning if they all different. They can block your account with 2 violations if they are the same kind. Or fiverr reserves the right to block your account without any warnings or right after the first warning if it’s a severe one for example like contact outside of fiverr. 

    2. yulianaa_model


      Thank you very much for you answer.

      My mistake was i talking with client about : adult, inappropriate, obscene, or pornographic content. For this fiverr will give me one more chance? I work 5 month and have level 1. Already was 31 review. 5start. And it was bad joke... from myself.😰😭😢

  5. Hello, can i withdraw money from Fiverr on my Brother account? Or my name in Fiverr must be the same in Bank account to get money from Fiverr.
  6. battle city sega Screenshot_81031×589 118 KBi think all remember this game 🙂
  7. you can google “create wordpress website” and chouse one from google img or create same
  8. Yes, you can use your account on multiple devices. I think you mean your sister might open messages on your account and you might also open those messages on your phone at the same time…I think that is all right as long as both of you do not end up responding to that message. yes she can open my account on same time. thank you for answer
  9. Hello, i use fiverr account on my PC, iPad, iPhone. Sometimes i can start conversasion with person from PC than i can continue answer from iPhone and 3 minutes later time from PC. Sometimes my sister can use my PC and if massage coming she open fiverr and i open it on my iPhone it’s okay? Does it not violate the rules of fiverr?
  10. Hello everybody, I have a question, I want to create my Gig “I will teach you, or I will talk with you in some language”. I make photo or video for people and if they wanna I send the video or photo and gig is complete(I send my work). How about learning something? If I learn somebody on ■■■■■ or Zoom. Fiver wouldn’t know that I finish my work. Or I will teach somebody language 2 hours, but somebody will text it was 1 hour. Maybe you know how to do? Maybe I need to make some screenshots go to show if I need it? Please help me it’s interesting for me.
  11. you need to contact support and show them screen of dialog. i think you wouldn’t have been. because you do everything well upload to Google Drive and you can send WinRar file and secure with Password this file. Later send password by fiverr massage.
  12. maybe better use google drive and give link. to have a history of what you transferred the file to buyer
  13. I have the same, many people have the same don’t worry.
  14. it’s okay, don’t worry this is website bug.
  15. Hello, when i stay in my account i see the text on the top: The user account you are looking for is no longer available. I don’t understand why? Do my account work or not? If not why? 😦 Im new on fiverr and don’t understand what is goind on… Please help me fiverr support. Screenshot_362241×1190 177 KB link to my profile: https://www.fiverr.com/yulianaa_model
  16. you can find many information in google and you can find other people experience on youtube.
  17. Hello im new on Fiverr :hugs:. Since сovid-19 started, I decided to try working online. I create my account on Fiverr. I have a question: Do a professional photo model can make money on Fiverr? 😄
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