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Why Fiverr is giving space to new sellers. as a old seller Fiverr should also give a chance to work here


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21 hours ago, coderboss said:

Fiverr is giving space to new sellers but being a old seller Fiverr should also giving chance to work here. Because my account has beeb de-rank for one year.

Fiverr gives space to all sellers, on equal grounds that apply equally to everyone. If you want to improve your chances here, be a better seller, who markets your services well, connects effectively with your target customers, and works hard to exceed the Analytics metrics Fiverr ask all sellers to achieve. 

You are the only person who can make you successful.

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Sorry to hear of you de-ranking, however it is common knowledge that freelancing is a very competitive business.
Not just on Fiverr.

We must continue to keep bettering ourselves and improve our offerings, so as to be able to set our gigs apart.

Even though there is inflow of new sellers, veteran sellers have an edge because they have time on their side.
Time and patience are so important when it comes to freelancing.

Keep improving and I'm sure you'll be able to pull out of the slump.
Good luck!

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16 minutes ago, corsogr said:

Just remember one thing. New seller for Fiverr doesn't mean New seller generally.

I've seen old sellers kneel before new sellers and even rage quit Fiverr out of frustration. As they wrote, freelancing, at least if you are taking it seriously, is highly competitive and isn't for everyone.

Edit: If you don't understand the concept and philosophy of the platform that hosts you, you are doing wrong.

Here, on Fiverr remember on thing:

IN DOERS WE TRUST - Fiverr International Ltd. Trademark Registration

Ps - This is Fiverr. The best freelancing platform in the world. You are among the best of the best.

Your answer is life saving..

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