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  1. I have worked with many buyers and sellers from other countries and there are both good and bad ones (mostly good), just the same as in the US. I don't believe someone should have to be any more cautious when working with someone outside their own country, than if they are working with someone within their own country. Many times it is just a communication issue. Most Fiverr sellers don't have English as a first language, however that does not mean they are ignorant. Most certainly not! Many have a great amount of intelligence and proof of that is in being able to communicate in multiple languages. I can only speak one language. When someone is communicating in a second language, it can come across as ignorant or uneducated, but most of the time that is not true. If we were able to learn their language, they would be just as competent and knowledgeable (maybe more so) than the average English speaking American.
  2. Gig ranking is primarily based upon how well the gig is performing. By that I mean, Fiverr judges a gigs ranking by how happy your clients are. Yes there is some gig rotation, but overall if you are delivering projects and making happy customers, then gig will be ranked higher. This will in turn give you more visibility and hopefully bless with even further happy clients and it becomes a rotating cycle that keeps growing. This momentum is compounded. The toughest part is getting the momentum built up in the beginning. The best thing to do is to focus on delivering the best service you can to your current clients.
  3. This is also true. Although, upvotes supersedes the date sorting. It has to be changed manually. I sometimes catch myself getting confused when reading answers that have been upvoted on questions, when a post below was clearly written before. Just my personal opinion, but I don't believe upvoting would be beneficial for general threads.
  4. This can vary depending on the category your gig is listed and how specialized that service is. For example... logo design gigs are going to get a lot more impressions than gigs in the chatbot category. The former is a service utilized by a much larger audience.
  5. I can see the downside to offering up voting and down voting in standard forum threads. In standard forums it is usually a conversation, so if the system started moving certain posts up and certain ones down, it would throw them out of order and could start to get confusing. Thanks for the continued improvements @mjensen415πŸ‘
  6. Our official nickname is the Sunshine State, however some call it the Orange state. So many fields of beautiful orange blossoms. You can smell the orchards as you pass. I love oranges.
  7. Some really good tips here! Especially #3 πŸ‘ Relationships and connections are the currency of today!
  8. Do you have any multiple choice questions? If so, do any have more than 10 choices? This could be the culprit.
  9. Nice! Surajkartha was really close. How close counts as a win? I am okay with conceding if he was close enough for the win.
  10. It looks like Fiverr is in the works of adding another badge that is higher than Grand Master, however they weren't prepared for a content king like Vickie to achieve the Grand Master status so quickly. 🀯😁 The forum is very new. "Proficient" is the title for the Tier 10 badge. I've had a decent amount of web development experience in the past and generally the easiest way to create a new "element" is to duplicate a previous one, rather than create from scratch. I believe the programmer has duplicated the "Proficient" badge as a template to create a new badge. So it seems that the forum has added "copy" to the new badge since it can't have another element with the same label. And since it isn't finished, probably no points threshold was established and since the ranking system is automated, once Vickie achieved the Grand Master badge (and since a higher threshold has not been established for the "new" badge), it will immediately upgrade to the next tier, just as happens when achieving the point threshold for a new tier.
  11. That is odd. I have had nothing but positive experiences with customer support. What issue are you having?
  12. okay, here it is… 6 words 1st is β€œLove” 3rd is something that rhymes with β€œbowl” 6th is β€œaway”
  13. "Sounds like" is similar as what you would use in charades. Basically the next word after the πŸ‘‚ rhymes with or "sounds like" 🎳
  14. Congrats Shammim! Keep up the good work!
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