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Does anyone else think the Fiverr minimum price of $5 is too low?

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How did you define that Fiverr benefit more from $5 orders? Their commission will be 20% from an order so as long as a gig sells for its highest value possible they'll gain more $ out of it. 🤷‍♂️

The customer will also not get any benefit out of it, because if you buy a gig for $5, and if the real value of that work is $30 or something, you'll probably get a crappy service out of it. So $5 option is there to do some quick/easy tasks. As initially Fiverr was introduced with only $5 option, I don't think anything wrong keeping it. 

Making $20 the minimum doesn't make any sense. how can you charge $20 for a task that takes maybe few minutes to complete?

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