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  1. Can anyone tell me, What is the rank of this forum??? Have it any benefit??
  2. Welcome on Fiver. Wish You Good luck
  3. Hello, I am Rokon! I’m a professional jewelry photo retoucher and photo editor.
  4. Thank You for your valuable advice. I’ll do as like as your suggestion…
  5. I’m a new user on fiver. I got my first order after five days. After editing my gig becomes down. But why??? Please visit my gig and suggest my mistake. Please… Fiverr.com Rokonuzzaman71: I will do professional high end quality jewelry retouching...For only $5, Rokonuzzaman71 will do professional high end quality jewelry retouching. | THE FINAL PRICE MAY VARY!In order to name the final cost of an image retouching, first I have to evaluate the quality of the original | Fiverr
  6. Stop copying this meaningless statement. Posting on the forum will not get you sales! Everyone gives same tips. So I don’t have no new tips. So I copy that statement. Sorry…
  7. Thank You. I’m waiting your next suggestion.
  8. Can You see my gig again. I change my category. Is it solved??? Thanks in advance.
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