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  1. First of all your order completion % will be reduced, which may harm your level. Also your ranking on search engine would be down meaning you will not get orders directly. You can send buyer request from that you can get orders. In this way your ranking would be increased as well as order completion and you will get your ranking again. These are my thoughts
  2. Nice may you get more orders in the future. Try to deliver best quality and be kind with buyer. My best wishes are with you:-)
  3. You can share your gigs on social media there is an option in your seller dashboard to share gigs you can copy links from there
  4. I hope these suggestions will help you as a starter also there are many tips in tips for seller section. https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/254790-how-to-rank-my-gig/?do=findComment&comment=1546183
  5. Yes because cancellations had negative effect on gig. So now try to be active on fiverr and send buyer requests. When you get some nice reviews and complete orders on time you will start getting orders again. Don't worry and be patient
  6. What you mean? Not use that keywords included in the title?
  7. I posted it in my own thread. What should I do?
  8. Oh thanks for your advice actually I placed one of my url in this section. Will it cause any harm?
  9. Urls aren't allowed in this section? How will people see the gigs then to provide suggestions how to improve that?
  10. Actually I have made a gig about 2-3 days before because I found low competition in one of the keyword and I was able to do that task easily. Only 130 gigs show by keyword YouTube backlinks. I have used this term in my description as well as used it in tags. But I am not seeing my gig in the search as well as in the new arrivals. What should be the possible next step for this gig? Shall I wait for some days to see if it appears or not? Answer needed from pro sellers! Also if any improvement needed please let me know 😊 Link to gig; Which one gig image looks nice?
  11. Do you have Any tips for sellers? If yes then you are welcomed. If not then kindly don't post here and post it in improve my gig section. Otherwise it will seem spam and your account may be penalized. Hope you understood! Thanks
  12. No if you have only one gig but unique than others you will get alot of fish. But I think having more than one gig can make your gigs appear in the search. Also note that don't make exactly the same gig again. Do some changes in that before publishing.
  13. Yep its so annoying you get that notification even you have reviewed everything. Hope this issue will be fixed.
  14. For some days I am observing my overall statistics and the impressions and clicks goes down to a specific number and conversion increases at 12 GMT. After some hours it again comes back to their same position ie impressions and clicks increases to a specific number and conversion decreases. I haven't done any order these days and I am having this kind of confusion. At a specific time they change. Why? I don't know 😃 My question is why at 12 GMT it decreases and the rest of the day it remains at some specific number. I know noone knows the answer just sharing my experience. May be it's a bug not sure but I think it is.
  15. Please I would recommend not to advertise your gigs here on forum. You will not get any sales from here. Here are other sellers like you. Please target your sales from Fiverr and do right seo for your gigs to come up on Fiverr search.You will get right buyers related to your niche from there.
  16. Please don't try to spam every day you post this question with your link gigs advertising
  17. It depends upon your skills and services they can just promote your gig getting orders is how you show your skills and experience in your gig
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