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My Payoneer Account has been blocked.


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Please help me… My Payoneer Account has been blocked. For this I can not withdraw my funds from Fiverr. Paypal is not supported in Bangladesh. How Can I withdraw my funds now ? May I add my MOM’s Payoneer Account on my Fiverr Account ? How to remove my disabled Payoneer Account from Fiverr and add My MOM’s Payoneer account ?.. please help me

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Fiverr support is not going to be able to help him.

The bigger question here is WHY was your Payoneer account blocked? Usually restrictions or blockages occur because you broke some rule.

Just adding your mother's Payoneer may not solve your issue, and may not be allowed here - you are supposed to use your own funding source in your name.

Don't bother Fiverr support with this question, as they will just refer you to Payoneer. Contact their live chat support or via email and ask what you can do.


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