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Should I charge a commercial fee?


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Hey everybody! So to make it clear right away, commercial use fees confuse the heck out of me. I understand its basic definition don’t get me wrong. A quick google search and you can read all about it. However, it’s still too vague for me to apply it to my own situation. I read all I could about it on this forum too but again, I’m unsure if it’s something that’s relevant in my specific situation so I hope the experienced sellers out there can help me out!

I write poetry. Here are some situation where I thought alright if there was a time a commercial fee is in place it’s now. I didn’t charge it however because I didn’t fully understand it and wanted to treat my buyers the same. Anyway, here are a few examples:

  • To be placed in a book

  • Added to their products as a sort of extra customer experience

  • Two verses to be added to a song

Doing some research in my field on Fiverr I see some people charge it, others don’t. So my question is basically this: should I charge a commercial fee? Does this for example improve professionalism as well or is it bogus to do so when it comes to poetry? And if I should, how much is a commercial fee generally anyway? In a way I’m hesitant to do it, because an extra charge could scare potential buyers off and I’m still in the process of building a solid Fiverr business. Is it smarter to wait perhaps until I’m a Level One seller?

So many questions I know. I want to thank anyone in advance who took the time to read this babbling and even more so if you can provide me with a few answers 😇

Have a great day!

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