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How to increase impression rate?


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Hi I just check out your gigs on Fiverr, here are some tipps:

  1. Add a Video to your gig. Fiverr loves video and you will stand out with the video. There are a lot of sellers which can do a video for you for as little as 20$
  2. Optimize your Gig descriptions, I think they have more potential.
  3. Offer for a lower price in the beging, you can higher them when you got some reviews on your gig
  4. NEVER give up!! Keep things rolling

hope this will help 🙂

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You will be unable to increase your gig impressions because you have no control over that stat. Impressions are an on-site metric that is recorded when your gig shows up in search results or is viewed on a Fiverr category page.

Focus on things that you can control. Like marketing and promoting your gig wherever your target customers are located. And only YOU can figure out where those places are. Do some marketing research, and be willing to work hard on a daily basis to get your gig impression.


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