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  1. Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-05 um 11.52.432758×780 129 KBDo you see better results, when advertise your gigs on Fiverr?
  2. Hi I just check out your gigs on Fiverr, here are some tipps: Add a Video to your gig. Fiverr loves video and you will stand out with the video. There are a lot of sellers which can do a video for you for as little as 20$Optimize your Gig descriptions, I think they have more potential.Offer for a lower price in the beging, you can higher them when you got some reviews on your gigNEVER give up!! Keep things rollinghope this will help 🙂
  3. I would go with cancel it for sure
  4. no that isn’t the problem, you won’t get charged if you extend delivery time
  5. Ranking your Gig on the first page need a lot of hard work! Here are some useful tipps to achieve a great ranking: Add a video to your gigDo keyword research for your gigWrite an amazing descriptionAdd FAQs to your gigAlways deliver on timeIf you get these point right you will achieve a high ranking
  6. Most sellers will say that you should go for buyer request but I suggest you to do proper work on your gigs. It’s essential to attract the buyer to buy your gig. There are some essentials that you should follow to make your gig more attractive.You should have a gig video. it will help you to interact with buyers more easily and they can trust you.Your gig images should be attractive clear and in proper size.I suggest you niche down yourself if you simply go for logo design, I think there are very fewer chances that you will get orders in the first 10 to 20 days. For example, if you simply write your title “I will do logo design”, there is very high competition. I suggest you go for like, “I will do minimalist and modern logo design” there will be higher chances that buyer will contact you because there is less competition.Your first two lines of description should be keyword rich. I usually see gigs written, “please contact me first”. I think you are not giving a good impression to the buyer.Most sellers ignore the power of FAQs. I suggest you use maximum FAQ so that you can answer your frequently asked questions and get higher positions in Fiverr search engine.These were some simple steps to improve your gigs on Fiverr, if you implement it wisely and correctly, I am sure that you can get orders within 7 to 10 days. I also suggest you use a buyer request option as much as you can. I hope this answer will help you. Thanks
  7. Check out my latest post for some help! Click here
  8. Welcome to Fiverr, check out my latest Forum Post for some help to get your first order: Wish you the best of luck!
  9. Hi, check out my newest article: Want to get your first order? Read this! - #2 by ecom_amanda it will help you get your first order 🙂 don’t give up!!
  10. don’t forget to wait at least 5 days after the change so you can track results
  11. It’s really important that your gig banner stands out from other sellers. If you have a great banner your CTR will be much higher and you need less impressions. So work on your images before optimizing for impressions. Keep the good work up 🙂
  12. and just never give up, it can take all the way up to 3 months
  13. Yes I got it last week, but it only generated 36 impressions and one click since then.
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