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Newbie Looking For Clarity


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Hi there,
I am brand new to Fiverr and came in yesterday looking for a service (to fix outdated PHP code).

I thought I messaged 5 sellers for this service but upon checking back, it only said 1 was sent when I looked at the sellers again. I messaged a few of them again. Not sure if they got it twice or at all?

Nothing shows up in my inbox.

I logged in here with my FaceBook and didn’t put contact info in my message to the sellers.

Am I missing something? How can I see if my messages were sent and received? If a seller responds to my query, will it show up in my inbox?

HELP! Thank you for anyone who can!

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums. (And to Fiverr.)

Unfortunately, Fiverr doesn’t have a system in place that will notify whether a message was sent nor seen. Sellers are encouraged to reply back within 24 hours, though.

Another possibility is that your messages may have triggered the system as possible spam, if you sent them rapidly and the content of the messages is identical. If you think you might have accidentally tripped the filter, you can contact Customer Support to verify.

Do NOT provide any additional contact information in your messages, as that is against the ToS.

Depending on if your messages triggered the system, if you haven’t heard from the Seller(s) after 24hrs, then they’re not likely to respond.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Yes, I likely tripped the system with an identical message that included the php code ~ operator error on my part!

I did check back with my 1st choice seller after posting this query here and was able to chat with him and send him the code in attached file. I think he is able to get the job done which is a huge HOORAY!

I will be a lot more careful going forward in how I navigate the wonderful world of fiverr. Thanks again!

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