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Does it effects my profile/gigs growth rate, having gigs in different category


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Currently, I am offering my services under WordPress Development, But now I am able to make projects in React Native, React js also having great knowledge of Machine Learning Algorithms like Image Processing, Data Visualizations, etc.

My question is if I make my gigs under these categories as well,

Is it a Good Move for me?
What will happen to my currently ranked Gigs/Profile?

Thanks in Advance 😊
Muhammad Ahmad Khan

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Hello @ahmad_khan

It’s great to know that you’re learning more skills. This is crucial to growing your freelance business.

Creating more gigs in a category would have no effect on your currently ranked gigs. This only benefits you with cross-gig traffic meaning that a client who orders a WordPress website with you might happen to check your profile and when they see that you also offer React JS services, they may place a order for them too.

Thanks and regards,

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