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We at Fiverr want YOUR success stories!


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Have you found personal, professional, and/or financial success here on Fiverr? We’d love to hear about it!

Tell your story below-- we might use it for a future blog post, social media, and more! We want the world to know about your success 🙂

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Looks like a good way to post something that might inspire others, so here goes nothing!

Almost exactly one year ago today, the tv show I was directing for a major Greek television network was put in a “forced hiatus” status.

Which of course was code for “cancelled”. Recession hit Greece pretty hard you see for the past 4 years, and I never thought it would be hard for me to land the next gig, since I had a steady stream of work for close to 12 years.

So I started experimenting online to come up with something that will help me pay the bills while I land the next job.

I don’t remember how I run into Fiverr, but the minute I did, I saw the potential.

I did a quick search in my niche, found what was missing and where my services would have an advantage, came up with a basic strategy, and I made $400 in the first month!

It wasn’t easy, as I had to learn how the marketplace works, and being a director I was definitely not used to having customers telling me how to do my work.

And after that first month it hit me: if I work more, I can make more. If I learn more, I can provide more. Why should high end video editing be expensive and provided by studio power houses, and not be available to the consumer directly?

Then and there I decided to focus, bring my A-game, study new techniques, and provide the best videos possible, at really affordable prices.

And what do you know? It worked!

I do work long hours, and every day has its ups and downs, but thanks to Fiverr I was able to slowly start paying a huge debt I had to the IRS, which really made me grasp the concept of how financial freedom is supposed to be!

I also took my girl to Paris to propose, and soon afterwards we got hitched in Vegas! Mostly on Fiverr funds! 🙂

Never in my wildest dreams would I had imagined how the gig economy could really change my life!

I now work full-time on Fiverr, recently got promoted to TRS, and I have already planned out my 2014 strategy, along with some really cool new gigs and a few surprise features I’m hoping will change the way video production is seen on Fiverr. 🙂

This was my first year on Fiverr.

Here’s to many more to come -hopefully!

A huge thank you to Max and Jay from Fiverr CS for doing outstanding work and always having my back, and all the TRS sellers that post here on the forum, I really learned a lot from you guys. (@oldbittygrandma, @madmoo, @anarchofighter, @bachas85, @ozzieuk, off the top of my head!)

Thank you Fiverr!

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Guest jasminewriter

While my fiverr success story isn’t about harvesting a bijillion dollars (yet) selling writing gigs - I have been hugely successful in the client relationships that I have built. Not only am I getting a plethora of repeat orders, I am also getting awesome referrals by clients who trust me and that to me, ladies and gentleman, is my short and sweet success story!

Wishing every continued success!

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