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Will Fiverr take me to next level


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I didn’t knew cancelling orders will Affect me like this. So I didn’t ask buyer to pay me at least $1 to cancel them.

Uhh, what?

Asking or demanding payment in order to agree to a cancellation is a ridiculous notion that isn’t even legitimately supported through Fiverr, nor would it be by the ToS either.

Honestly, four cancellations within 30-60 days seems like a very large amount for a relatively new seller to rack up. Something seems to not be going right…

Uhh, what?

His gigs are selling subscribers and views using SMM panels.

So when someone buys his gig he spends money so his logic is if someone cancels he is in minus not zero. That is why he thinks of getting partial refund but obviously did not study the TOS.

There is one Bangladeshi Youtuber showing how to buy Tw itter, IG, FB Youtube subscribers and watch hours from SMM panels and sell them on Fiverr. He is gaining popularity on Fiverr and more people are signing up because of him.

The price for 4000 watch hours is 6.6$ and they sell it here for 180$ so it is a very profitable deal for them.

He has 2000-4000$ monthly income (unless he is faking the numbers).

So people are swarming these deals.

When he says people canceled it is probably because people discovered if you get subscribers (real people, but 1000 from the India area) that do not watch your content it will hurt your account more than having a small number.

But I must admit having monetization active on YT is appealing.

Until two days ago when YT had everyone sign they have to give 30% of revenue back if they are not from US and US doesn’t have a tax deal with your country.

So what is nothing minus 30%?

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