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Impression and click effect


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Hi! Check this post out for why impressions don’t really matter: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

Clicks generally do matter because they show how many people are actually clicking on your gig and looking at it. I’m not sure how all of this affects your gig ranking (that’s unknown to everybody), but I hope the above info helps!

thank you so much for sharing such a relevant information

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I look at the impressions and clicks in the same way as a PPC ad campaign.

Impressions show the number of times someone has been shown your Gig.

Clicks show the number of times someone has acted upon that impression and clicks to find out more about that Gig.

You can’t gets clicks without impressions.

The more times your Gig is viewed (impressions) it increases the possibility of clicks.

With Fiverr’s Gig Rotation system, I highly doubt that impressions or clicks “increase” the ranking of a Gig because the Gig Rotation program should override that.

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