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  1. Thank you man for quoting me here @shahedulefty
  2. Thank you very much, I am going to contact CS again. Hoping for good response.
  3. Very funny @looseink. You peoples are hope for us (small seller). Seriously, I was not expecting these words.
  4. Hi dear sellers, My Problem ⚠️ I open a ticket 3 month ago because I was facing a problem to see fewer buyer request and outdated too after achieving level one. I achieved level one in just 2 months and found all my clients through buyer request. Before getting level one buyer request working normal for me. CS Behaviour CS team responded to me, there is a technical problem with your account and our tech team will respond and resolve your problem. 3 months are passed but Fiverr Tech Team not resolved my problem yet or even respond and my ticket is still open. I just lose my business and I'm thinking to "SAY NO TO Fiverr" We are working on Fiverr and providing 20% fees for Fiverr maintenance and our account too. My questions are: 1) Is there anyone, who faces the same issue or same CS behaviour? 2) Is the Fiverr CS team careless to support sellers? 3) Who handles complaints after CS failure?
  5. Thanks for quoting me here @shahedulefty
  6. Do this ASAP. One of my buyers asked the same thing. First I forbade it and I told him it was against the TOS. Then my buyer marked the order with a bad rating. After that, I sent a drive link. He got what he wanted but my rating went bad.
  7. Upload zip file on Drive and share the link with him.
  8. Yes, impressions and clicks effect on gigs ranking.
  9. I watched a video and checked other images For both video and covers Set font styleImprove Font weight according to designNeed attention towards alignmentYour photo is too small according to textBTW I’m a graphic designer.
  10. Please attach your gig image or add a link in original post. Then I will check it.
  11. No, advertising here is not allowed. Fiver gives you option to promote your business on social media platforms. Here you tells about your service in improve my gigs catagory with links.
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