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New on fiver my projects


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Hello! I am new on this platform, i work independent with all kind of architecture projects, maybe i can help you with something, you can take a look of my gig and my behance portfolio! I speak spanish, italian and english.

favicon.ico?cb=264615658Behance 9f274d702582417.5f6adea69aea6.jpg.33daa8329ecf4fb6d20bf7be33b0b01b.jpg

Nicolás García Puga on Behance


favicon-32x32.png.49cb2419bb5af5499207b43434078382.png Fiverr.com

nagparq : I will make 3d modells, architecture presentations for $150 on...

For only $150, nagparq will make 3d modells, architecture presentations. | More than 5 years helping developers to show their projects. With a work on collaboration and suggestions since my own experience. | On Fiverr

Thank you guys!

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