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Why you as a seller, reserve the right to cancel the order anytime


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Yes you read it right, we are not Fiverr employees nor work for Fiverr, Fiverr is just a platform, If I feel any slight of passive agreesion on a buyer side I would directly cancel the order ,I don’t care if its 100$,500$ or a 1000$ I always cancel the order if the buyer is beeing pushy and passive agressive towards me , and guess what ? they refuse to cancel because they know no one will do their work as good as I did to them , see , I am now sleep deprived to finsih the buyers work at 5 a.m , and he sends me this messages,maybe I am being emotional, but I think because 99% of my buyers are so nice to me, I have zero tolerance to such 1% of these buyers,I don’t care about gig ranking nor level loss, I just gained my level 2 seller today and I don’t care if I lose it for the 100th time ,I prefer not to get some kind of tachycardia because of the stress then agree with such buyers, Good night. (PS : ofcs I don’t leave him hanging, I send all clients of this kind all project files so they won’t start from scratch)

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