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What can I do in this situation


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Two weeks ago I completed my 2nd order with 5 star rating. But now I can’t get the order anymore. I am also online 24 hours a day. What can I do in this situation?

I am also online 24 hours a day.

I am on line 12 - 14 hours a day and I get a good nights sleep. When I wake up in the morning there are often orders waiting for me.

Also, you need to use the little ✏️ to change the category of the thread to “Improve my Gig.” Fiverr Tips is for experienced sellers to make post giving advice to inexperienced sellers.

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I keep seeing the same advice… ‘post on social media, stay online 24/7, send 10 buyer requests, offer unlimited revisions. etc etc…’

I do not believe this is good advice. But I have a question for those following it - do you check the credentials of the person giving advice? Do you look at their fiver profile?

I’ve seen plenty of sellers with 0 sales, or some with average ratings, giving lots of advice and tips here. If they knew what they were doing maybe their sales or ratings would be highe…


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Staying online 24 hours a day without eventually dying or being fraudulent is impossible for two reasons.

Reason one, we are human beings. We therefore need sleep.

Reason two, Fiverr has deliberately designed their site to logout users after a certain period of time.

Therefore I can only deduce that you must be using a plugin to refresh the page. This is not allowed by Fiverr and could result in you being banned. And morally it is fraudulent because you are trying to present yourself as available to buyers when you are not.

You ask what you can do. The answer is stop faking. Be real.

EDIT: A quick after thought. I have never seen this mentioned in the forums, but I do wonder whether Fiverr’s infamous algorithm takes into account the amount of time that a user stays logged in?

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Share your Gig through Social Media

@vickiespencer this guy just ignored your post. That’s the reason most of the sellers dont get orders. They fail to understand the requirements and are in rush to get orders.

this guy just ignored your post

Most forum users don’t seem to even read the whole thread before commenting :man_facepalming:, let alone search the forum for the answer. Painful.

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