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  1. Thanks for explaining @vickiespencer and @enunciator so well. Suppose, I have a attractive gig, in demand service but my gig fell to page 6 or below, then what can we do? Keep in mind, gig is attractive, rating is good etc? Thanks for clarifying.
  2. This statement is from TOS. Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 6.17.12 PM1156×68 6.69 KB@vickiespencer I am aware about the algorithm, just wanted to ask what can we do to bounce back? How can we offer good service when we are not getting any orders? How can we respond fast when there are no new messages?
  3. It’s shown because the system detects some strange behavior. System feels maybe a bot is using it so to verify whether you are actually doing, it requires verification
  4. To be on safe side, do notify them.
  5. No problem faced on edge yet. Will shift back to chrome after a few days. I hope it gets fixed on chrome.
  6. I did this already but still facing this. Is it a bug or what?
  7. I am being logged out whenever i click a tab. Like if i click, buyer request, earning, inbox or switch to buying, i am logged out and i have to log in again. I cleared my history, cookies and cache. Is anyone else facing this?
  8. I wonder if this happens then why does a seller offer a coupon to a buyer since he knows he will get a lesser price and there is no benefit for him?
  9. Okay so this is new. So you are saying if the client uses a promo, price will be reduced from seller’s end even? Like a 50 dollar order, means client will get 36 usd not 40 if he uses a promo? Is promo and a coupon a same thing or you are talking about the coupon that was recently introduced?
  10. Havent worked on ‘‘Fiber’’ so cant tell.
  11. Its best if you stay quiet rather than giving unrealistic opinions. You do this and let me know if you receive a warning.
  12. Then you cant use. You need to use your own. Best use your own
  13. There wont be any problem but it is recommended to use a account of your own name. Since, sometime fiverr might require verifications so sharing yours and your brother’s detail might create concerns. But it wont be a problem as long as your brother does not have another payoneer account.
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