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Bad Experience with old buyer


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I am sharing my Experience with you guys and also looking for your suggestions.

From last 2 months i was working with a lady… I did 10 projects with her and she was very satisfied with my work gave me good feedback. she gave me project 1 by 1, after approval of one Project then we proceed to the next and we both were happy because she was understanding things and she gave me free hand to work and i was doing what she wants.
My procedure of work is i don’t send delivery without showing my work to client, i mean i show step by step progress on order page once they approve the design then i send final files.
when she gave me approval i send final files to her. i was having good working experience.

From here everything gets changed, After completion of 6-7 design, she texted me that you copied design from internet i paid you for this you gave me copied design and many more things, i checked that design and i said i did as you said, “she gave me reference images and said i need something similar to this” i used same colors but different elements, because of colors it reflects same version. after that i changed whole design created a new one and when she approved i sent her the design.

Later she came with more designs, i told her these are not possible in Adobe illustrator because of some effects and rendering, i will do it in Adobe photoshop. she was agreed, again she approved the designs and i sent here , order was closed.

After 2 weeks she came again and said i am getting line in pattern, you dont give me what i asked. again a 7-8 paragraph. i checked her issue and that was adobe illustrator’s snap lines that are built in feature in it. i talked to her 4-5 hours but she dont understand technical things, i contacted fiverr customer support about if i can contact outside so i can tell her, but fiverr customer havent replied i cancel my request and some how i convinced her after 8-9 hours talk. yet she haven’t understood but she said i will contact adobe customer support. so everything was normal after giving my 9-10 hours.

Today after 1 month she came and sent me a long paragraphs, in short she said you lied to me you used images from internet, i asked for ai. file but these are not editable files, i told her about what our deal was but she is not listening to me and she just saying you are a liar and saying many things.
i even told her that i will give you psd editable file but she is not listening and saying i need ai. format. She is saying i will go to fiverr that you have lied to me even i have asked her send me design or elements from where i copied design but she haven’t gave me any proof.
she is saying again and again that do these designs from scratch otherwise i will go to fiverr and i will report you even i did all elements by my own. as she dont have proof of anything but still i agreed to do designs again.
This is what happened with me today and i want to share my experience with and also looking for your suggestions.

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