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Buyer is not responding now


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Hi All

Please help me on below as I’m new to the Fiverr.

One buyer has place an order for my basic package without enough details on what he need to get done. He did not contact me before placing the order and now he does not responds to what I’m asking. Without some clarification I’m unable to start the task. But the time is count down.
How can I cancel the order/Avoid negative impact.

What should I do, please help me.

Thanking you

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You can’t do the order as it is. You don’t really have a choice in the matter. You’re going to have to cancel, which causes an impact.

So many newbies are being taken advantage of here on Fiverr by a small minority of predatory “buyers”. This is my take on how to protect yourself, thereby reducing the chances of a cancellation or negative review.
Special shout out to @melissaharlowvo for the buyer requirements section. Enjoy!
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