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How to split files on Source File and Vector File


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I think vector files is AI & EPS. which is editable files.

I found this on the internet for SVG file:

“An SVG file is a graphics file that uses a two-dimensional vector graphic format created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).”

Whether it also belongs to Vector File? A PDF can also be inserted into illustrator and be a vector. So the question may be: What files are they for Source File?

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All vector formats are the source files because the shapes and paths within can be edited. Among the files you’ve listed only .JPG and .PNG can’t be saved as vectors and thus aren’t the source files.

That is not the answer to my question.

What if you sell separately Source Files and Vector Files in Extra Services, you will sell the same files to buyer if he chose both? You will also sell him all files if he chooses only one of those two options?

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Let me try to explain.
Source files are those which you can modify.
See it as a workbench. No matter if its vector or pixel.
For example a Photoshop .psd file is something you would call it a sourcefile, because you have some layers which you can work with (colors, mask…ect.).
It can contain pixel graphics or also vector.
To clarify, not because it has layers but because you can modify. Like a workbench with lots of tools.

A svg .ai ect. contains vector graphics and is also a sourcefile.
It depends on how you handle it.

The thing is, if I need a sourcefile from you, then I want to be able to modify the design. Adjust color, Text, border, mask ect.
If you merge all layers into 1 and it’s nearly unjustable for me as a buyer.

So if you sell separately as a sourcefile (e.g. .svg), then make it adjustable. A text layer, a object layer, shadow layer.
If you sell it as a vector graphic (e.g. also .svg file) you can merge them all together or group them.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to tell. 😅

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In short: vectors are source files too, but on Fiverr source files stand for PSDs and such, and vectors are just called vectors.

In depth:
A source file is a file, usually the main one of a project, from which you can generate other types of files. But, the opposite cannot be done. A vector file is also a source file, because you can fix directly the original design and generate common images from it with a resolution of your, without losing input quality.
JPG/JPEGs, PNGs, BMPs are images with a fixed pixel count, like 1920x1080p, and they are called raster images. You cannot generate higher resolution images unless you want to lose quality. Upscaling will make the picture look worse.

These are the two main kinds of images - Fiverr however arbitrarily divides image files in three types: vector files, source files and high resolution images.

Now, vector files are source files too as I’ve said. But Fiverr intends source file as in “layered source files”, like PSDs (they use these words and PSDs as example in the gig options), and calls vectors simply vector files. PSDs have layers withing them which are indeed simple JPG/PNG/GIFs, but have special layers for effects which can be edited too, from which you can export new images while keeping the PSD intact, letting you move the images within them up and down - so they are a different kind of source file too, hence why the name “layered”. You can’t make higher resolution images with them, but are layered and can generate effects.

So, in general:

  • AI, SVG, EPS, PDF → vectors,
    … who are sources for:
  • JPG, PNG, BMP → raster images.

On Fiverr:

  • SVG, AI, EPS, PDF → are the vector files, like expected. They are source files too, but they’re referred as vectors.
  • PSD, XCF → are the “layered source files”, “source files” for short on Fiverr.
  • JPGs, transparent PNGs → are simply called [high resolution] images, like usual.

This said, when delivering, vectors and PSDs go together in the source file section like they should… so the distinction is actually all kinda pointless. 🙃

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That is not the answer to my question.

What if you sell separately Source Files and Vector Files in Extra Services, you will sell the same files to buyer if he chose both? You will also sell him all files if he chooses only one of those two options?

If you work in vector, you have no business of selling vectors and source files separately. It’s misleading as it’ll be the same thing.

If you work in raster or mixed technique and offer vectorization of the finished product, your source file can be in editable .PDF, .AI or .PSD. Your vector can technically be in the same formats but I’d pick a specific one to avoid confusion and making my gig look misleading like I’m trying to sell the same thing twice. So, for example, I’ll specifically state in the description that my source files will be in .PSD or .AI and my vectors will be in .EPS or .SVG.

There is no “correct” way to divide the files or pick a single right format. It’s ultimately up to you and your client’s preference.

PS Taking into account the specifics of the work you do (which is portraits and logos), I don’t see a point of division into vectors and source files. It’ll be the same thing in this instance. Add a source file as an extra and deliver vectors. Or add a custom extra of “vector source file (.AI)” if you want to be specific.

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This is what is supposed to be delivered in case you select to include these files in your packages.



That’s it.

I love it how fiverr seems to be unaware that a) vector files in .PSD can be done, b) a lot of buyers insist on getting them specifically.

Thankfully, though, it says “usually” and “e.g.”, not “specifically”.

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