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  1. When you create Graphics & Design > Vector Tracing there is an option called “# of images”. What exactly does that mean, a little more detailed explanation?
  2. That is not the answer to my question. What if you sell separately Source Files and Vector Files in Extra Services, you will sell the same files to buyer if he chose both? You will also sell him all files if he chooses only one of those two options?
  3. I found this on the internet for SVG file: “An SVG file is a graphics file that uses a two-dimensional vector graphic format created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).” Whether it also belongs to Vector File? A PDF can also be inserted into illustrator and be a vector. So the question may be: What files are they for Source File?
  4. I offer these files to my customers AI, JPG, PDF, PNG, EPS, SVG If we exclude JPG and PNG, which files belong to Source File, and which in Vector File? Thank You for answer.
  5. I have a situation. The buyer told me to draw a caricature for him, but he wants to look like the person in the picture. Anyone who knows what a caricature is, a distorted image of a person with exaggerated expressive parts, cannot be identical, unless a portrait is made with a large head and a small body. I did that, but he didn’t like it and sent me the ORDER DISPUTE. I refused and I asked for a reason? The reason is that he still wants a caricature but wants looks like that person. Ok I did it and the customer sends me the ORDER DISPUTE again. Then I asked him to tell me exactly what he wanted me to change. (then the countdown time disappears, and on Dashboard write - Status Delivered (If I sent him the picture again, time would start to run out for me and he could refuse again)). The customer sends me a message that he does not like the mouth as it looks in the caricature, but still stands Status Delivered. Above it says as always: THIS ORDER WILL BE MARKED AS COMPLETED IN 3 DAYS If I do nothing and those 3 days pass, the order will end up as Complete? Will Fiver haunt me even if I did not one, but send to buyer two completely different pictures for the same money? Is my time and effort not valued but only the money of customers?
  6. So far I haven’t seen anyone post for example: crossed out $15, and big text SALE $10 on the first gig picture, like discount. New Year is coming soon, and customers will be expecting discounts.
  7. Do I now have to wait for him to approve that I canceled the cancellation order, as in order does not show me how much time I still have until the end, and I have a button to send again. If he has decided to cancel, he can cancel for days and I will not accept for days, it’s madness
  8. I did it but the customer does not respond. I’ll click Decline so I’ll see what happens.
  9. Yes. But I can do what the customer wants. I just don’t know what to click on these two buttons because they both associate me with canceling an order (Decline - decline order) (Accept - accept to cancel order)
  10. Customer sent me a message Order Dispute I want to do the project to the end and make the customer happy and buy my product. What should i click Decline or Accept? above it says to the customer like to cancel this order but I don’t.
  11. Of course, the seller does not want to cancel. Each sale counts as score. With these points the seller climbs to the levels and ranks better and has more work. With the cancellation of the order he loses points and job. If you didn’t want to spend time someone, you didn’t even have to order.
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