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Huge gig problem please help I dont know what to do anymore!


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Hello dear Fiverr , Ive been on this platform since July and I noticed something very wierd . So I was getting orders constantly 1 or 2 orders / day my main GIG was getting 500-800 Impressions / Day , Every order I completed succesfully with 5 STAR RATING so I could say business was booming ! In half month I become eligible for level 1 seller after the 60 days seniority

On 19 July I think I woke up and checked my statistics and my gig from 500-800 impressions / day droped down to 50 all of a sudden . Ive verified my gig on the seller help center to see if its active and the status was ACTIVE

I search my gig on the market word by word and was nowhere to be found !

So I asked on forum and I was surprised to find out on my PROFILE SETTINGS that my account was set to OFFLINE mode for no reason ( people on the forum told me that its a bug and from time to time happends ) ! So I put it back online and my gig appeard back in search ! But instead of the First Page ( where it was ) it was ranked on Page 10 !

Now the gig has been stuck there and since then I have not recieved any order except 2 orders from buyer requests that I completed and I recieved +2 5 star ratings but its seems it didnt really helped the gig its still on page 10 ! I tried to share my gig on social media to update description title photos and everything possible but it seems its not helping !

Now my question is how can be a allmost 20 5 star reviews gig stuck on page 10 next to sellers with 0 Ratings ? Its been a lot of time and the situation is still the same … I dont even know what to do

So I asked on forum

Glad to hear you’re at least back in the search!

Keep in mind that periodically, the algorithm displays a certain group of sellers at the front pages while others move back a bit, there’s never really any guarantuee that you will be moving up in the search results.

I personally think Fiverr isn’t a good plattform for people to e.g. make money quick or make a lot of money in “desperate times”, you need to establish your business first, returning clients are probably your best bet when you want to make it as a freelancer. Of course, you could try and build up a portfolio or a following etc. outside of the plattform and maybe that’s going to bring potential clients to your Fiverr gigs, but I think if you rely on Fiverr as a source of income, you run the risk of losing everything from one moment to the other.

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