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  1. It says underneath “A bid must be between $0.02 - $3.” Maybe the system can’t work with $3.01. I’d set it to $1.60 or something and wait for a couple of days to see if anything is happening.
  2. I don’t really think there is any way around filling out the W9 form, so you can either try to convince your parents, maybe by showing them some of the success stories here on the forum or by arguing that you also need your social security number for any job so this isn’t much different. I believe you could also request a copy of your social security number from the respective agency and they will send it to you via letter, but then your parents might catch it before you do. So you might be better off trying to talk to your parents.
  3. Did you talk to the seller about it? Maybe there was some miscommunication, you can also request a cancellation from the seller directly by using the resolution center within the order.
  4. Not particularly good, I didn’t actually get any clicks on the ad so I can’t tell how much profit I would have made but I noticed that whenever I turned on the promotion, my impressions, clicks and requests went down drastically and wouldn’t increase anymore until I turned off the feature again. So my personal experience is similar to what others have described here already. But I’m not sure how Fiverr actually thought this was going to work. This surely can’t have been the idea behind the promotion feature. At least I wouldn’t hope so.
  5. Have you been demoted or something? You can find the requirements for the feature on the seller help page or a bit further up in this thread.
  6. In addition to what everyone else said, if you can’t manage to get your order completion rate up, you will be demoted once again on October 15.
  7. Most likely reason is that the buyer cancelled the order via CS after it was marked as complete. CS can do that up to 30 days after order completion.
  8. Looks better to me, I’d still edit the gig packages though.
  9. From what I can see, there are 44.240 Services available offering background removals, you only received 2 reviews for this gig, buyers might just be more likely to pick another of the thousands of sellers who happens to have more reviews than you. Aside from that, I personally don’t like the gig package description saying “I will clipping path of your 5 product photos/pictures/images for your online shop using pen tool” Why not just write “Clipping path of up to 5 images for your online shop”, it’s faster to read and “I will clipping path” doesn’t work and makes it sound like you need to work on your English, which for a potential customer could suggest that you’re difficult to deal with because of miscommunication. Your gig description says: “If you are looking for background removal or clipping path or white background or background changing or transparent background then this is the best gig for you.” Which doesn’t look good either. It looks like you’re trying to do some SEO stuff in your gig description but that’s not how gigs work really. It’s enough if you include what you offer in a bullet point list. You might also include what you don’t do, so potential clients know what they are signing up for when working with you. In your gig description it says “we do x” and “our services” but then you write underneath “Thanks 🙂 Achiaakter.” Which you don’t need to do to begin with, I’ve never seen an amazon listing ending with “thanks :)” But regardless, it raises the question whether it’s “we” or “I” now. Do you have a team? Do you work alone and just work write “we” to sound more professional? In that case, don’t do it. Buyers come to the platform to work with individual freelancers. Last point: "Features & Facilities of our service:- 24/7 hours services,Quick response,100% satisfaction guarantee,100% money-back guarantee,"Don’t do that, don’t guarantee anything, because Buyers are most certainly going to use it against you. If you promise they get their money back if they are unhappy, they will sooner or later get their money back and you will have worked for free. You might also want to remove the “24/7 hours service” because that’s hardly feasible unless you’re a machine and can used against you by a buyer if you dare to ever go to sleep and receive a message from a client. Just as importantly, remove the “unlimited revisions” from your gig packages. Don’t. Ever. Offer. That. Because buyer’s can use this to exploit you for literally unlimited revisions and it can be a reason for buyers to cancel an order because you can’t possibly deliver what you’re offering. So really, with this last paragraph you have made every possible mistake that we keep telling new sellers here on the forum will ruin them sooner or later.
  10. Have a look at this thread, plenty of aspects of the promotion feature have been discussed there already. 🙂
  11. Have a look at your profile settings and see what it says for “Online Status”. If it says “Offline forever”, that might be why you can’t find your gigs in the search. If it says “Go offline for…” then it’s fine.
  12. Once you have clicked on the “deliver” button, the order counts as completed on time. I know the timer keeps running and eventually turns red when it’s running out, but that is only a visual thing. Revisions don’t add to the delivery time anymore.
  13. Nope, not me either! Good! 😃 Thinking about it a bit further, let’s talk prices for a moment. I need approximately 15 minutes to complete a $5 order. That means I could theoretically finish 4 orders a $20 within 1 hour leaving me with a theoretical hourly pay of $16. If all these would have been promoted orders, the total profit with fees deducted would be $13,36 (11,41€) out of $20 order value. So if I wanted to make up for the fiverr fees, I would need to almost double the amount of 5 Dollar orders I can finish within one hour. With 8 orders per hour i would get $26 per hour. Then, I think this might be a reasonable investment. If you were to take 60 minutes to complete a $5 order, the promotion feature is hardly feasible. Though that’s subjective and depends on what any seller wants to earn per hour. That is, of course, if every paid click converts into a 5 Dollar order and doesn’t take any gig extras into account which is probably why Fiverr keeps trying to encourage sellers to upsell their gigs.
  14. That was my experience. I got more orders when I did not promote than when I did, plus I lost money on the clicks. Another issue is that your competition could click on your gig, only to make you waste your promotion 💵. I have to agree, though I didn’t receive any clicks. For me, a promoted $5 order would have turned into $3.34 profit, with 33.2% being deducted as fees by Fiverr which is really not worth it for me. Of course, that being said, you need to consider your idle time. If you have 80 % free capacities to work, you might want to consider whether the high fees are profitable for you. I personally won’t move a finger for what turns out to be 2.85€ on my bank account later.
  15. That was pretty much my experience too. It took a week or so to get back to normal once I stopped promoting. My impressions actually got a boost right after i stopped promoting the gig, which seems like a bad joke to me. Promotions should add additional traffic to the already existing, not remove that traffic so that I can pay to get less than usual. impressions712×316 12.8 KBI originally started this post on September 7 which is also the same day I started the promotion.
  16. It can already have a negative impact on your stats if you have 1 mutual cancellation, let alone 15. No surprise Fiverr buried your gigs somewhere on the last pages. The only way that seems to work to get out of this is to accept the fact you will not receive a lot of orders for a long time and deliver all of those, in best case with good reviews. Eventually you’ll be able to climb back up the ladder. The more affordable your prices, the more likely cheap buyers will contact you and try to get free work done. If your prices are too expensive now, you won’t be able to get a lot of orders that you need to improve your ranking. So find a good middle ground that keeps your head above water, don’t change your gigs anymore after settling for a price that works for you and I suppose keep replying to buyer requests. That’s my suggestion.
  17. I have received three total. That was my experience too. Shame, the way this feature works as of now (granted, it’s still in testing so we don’t know how the final feature will work) is just good for Fiverr as a potential source of income but the sellers don’t really seem to benefit from any of it.
  18. No, not really. It only showed about 50 impressions within 3,5 days but 0 clicks which is why I stopped bidding because I felt like my normal impressions went down in those 3 days and I didn’t get as many requests as usual. But that might be part of the feature testing they are doing. I have only seen 1 or 2 sellers actually have good results with it while it didn’t do anything for most others.
  19. For some reason I just received another invitation to try the feature. :thinking:
  20. I think it is related. Fiverr is promoting the sellers who are paying for the prime locations and if you are not promoting your gig gets pushed back behind the promoted ones. In your CS reply they says, “If you set up an ad, and you see your Gig in your Promoted Gigs view, it’s being promoted and shown on the prime locations in our search.” But I see nowhere that it says for how long it is featured. :thinking: I tried out the feature and did not like it. Every order was for my minimum amount of $10. Plus, by the time I added the price for the clicks I was paying Fiverr 23 to 25% as their part for promoting the gig. To me, for such small orders, it was not worth the expense. I can see where it may be valuable if a seller has larger sales. Also, while I ran the promotion I did not get many orders other than my regular buyers. Once I stopped the promotion, after about a week I started to get new buyers again. It’s featured as long as you are the highest bidder in your category I would guess. :thinking:
  21. You only get charged per actual click on your gig, not for impressions.
  22. No, don’t listen to this poor advise, CS is just going to tell you that they don’t have any influence on your ranking and everything is going as it should, your gigs are active etc. as they have told thousands of sellers asking them the same question. You have increased your delivery time for your packages, which automatically makes you less of a source of quick money for Fiverr because your turnaround time decreased. That is most likely why the algorithm decided to give you a lower ranking. Similarly, late deliveries can also result in a decrease of ranking. You can easily work your way up again by delivering your next couple of orders in time and hopefully receiving good reviews for them. For future reference, only edit your gigs as much as needed but as rarely as possible.
  23. It changes automatically. Took a week or 2 for mine to change when I changed my profile picture.
  24. Keep in mind that CS can take up to 10 days at the moment to respond to tickets, so you will have to wait for some time regardless.
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