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My best seller gig doesn't appear in search


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Hi, my best seller gig doesn’t appear in the search result from the end of June. It has almost 70+, 5-star review. I have got many projects by sending the buyer request and successfully completed and I marketed my gig in various social media but still, it’s not improving!! in the last few days my gig doesn’t get any single click!! I contacted with CS but I didn’t get any proper solution. can someone tell me please what should I do now? this is the only gig I sell my service by this.

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4 times gig Edited in 6 days!! its too horrible. You have to wait at least 14 days to another edit. No need to edit next 14 days and try to do take order on this gig and do Social marketing.

My suggestion if you really want to edit your gig, do it when 1 order is running. 


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