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  1. Order "Revision Request" What effect does an order "revision request" actually have on a gig ranking?
  2. Now I'm Level Two Seller. Curiosity... How to get "TOP RATED BATCH" ?? Thanks,
  3. "Early Payout" I got this option. But after 3 days I see this option is no more. What could be the reason for this? Thanks,
  4. Please research "low competition" gig tag, title, and update your gig. and wait just 7 days. 99% Working Tips.
  5. If you develop your services, so you can change the gig. it’s normal. but changing it frequently can cause rank problems. If you have to change, take the time, think, and change, so as not to change in the future. Best wishes!!
  6. Don’t worry, This will not have any effect on your profile.
  7. yes, I do this. it’s helpful for a gig.
  8. Yes. five pins use the same gig link.
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