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  1. So I think “promoted gig” is perfect for those who’re not getting any order or gig is de ranked. If you’re Top rated seller or gig is already in first page so what do need to promote gig 😉
  2. This is what I’m seeing, it’s not gig rotation, it’s fiverr bug, If level 2 or top level seller found that issues then fiverr support came back and fixed that which they’re telling in fiverr forum but others are not getting support, that’s why gig isn’t found even in last page. 😐 But still some of come here in that kind of topics and tellit’s gig ranking issues so we don’t need to contact CS, just wait with wrong conception that it’s gig ranking issues and one day gig will be back. It’s so wired.
  3. I have same problem, My best selling gig was on first page and over 40k impression and now it’s zero click, no impression, because I didn’t find my gig in search results last two month and I have contacted CS and sent several tickets but they didn’t fix it and now it’s going to zero. It’s hard impossible to work here even they didn’t support for major issues and we can’t depend here as main earning source.
  4. Nothing will work in that issues, I did all things, changed keyword, tag, seo but my all gig doesn’t found in fiverr search results, not sure when it will be fixed…
  5. Don’t trust anyone please 😉 I had a client and I did work for her two times for store setup work and store update work with two order. And third time she told me to send me a custom offer for some website update work. So I have sent custom offer and did that work with accepting that offer, because I have trusted her, I thought maybe she’s busy and I’ve worked for her before so she’ll pay for that work. And without payment i did that work and when I have complete that work i told her to accept that offer so I’ll get paid. After that she didn’t respond me as this work is done and after sending several message she told she will make order in future …it was so wired 😐
  6. I have faced same problem when I was new here, didn’t know so much about how fiverr client’s work. As usual, when freelancer joined here it shows in profile that they’re complete new at fiverr because of joined date and no review and some of client asked to do work and said they’ll order after this work is completed but eventually they didn’t pay. There’re many hidden challenging things happening here to recognize who’s your ideal customer at the beginning of fiverr career. 😐 But once you’ll get order from some good client and you’ve experience then this platform will be easy and cool like what I’m feeling now ☺️
  7. I have same issues from last two month but i didn’t find any solution.
  8. Just ask specifically, “are you interested to do that work for me.” Sometimes seller don’t take new order when they have more order in queues, sometimes they don’t take any order based on buyer message but they’ll definitely make a reply whether they’re interested or not.
  9. It’s not gig ranking issues, if it’s gig rankings issues then gig should be found even last page. I have same issues from last two month, my gig was first page and now it’s not even last page, it’s out of search. I did changes tag, keyword etc but nothing does work and I’m not getting even a single message from new client. I have tried marketing with social media, it’s not working because gig is out of search. Not sure when fiverr will take action to fix this issues…
  10. But you’ll not get message from all country buyer in 24 hours, you just need to find out based on your services which country buyer are you getting and from which country you’re getting order, then you need to active only on your client’s timezone time so you can communicate them on time.
  11. You had only this gig issue, other gig was in search results, But my all gig is out of search
  12. As a newbies many buyer will come and asked trial work, I did it so many times at the begnining because I thought if i do trial and made sample work then they’ll order. 😁 But now I realize this type of buyer actually don’t made order, they expect only free work. 😉 So just ignore this type of client. If you do marketing and send buyer request daily then you’ll get quality client and order which can bring success. 😊
  13. Thank you so much for your comment. I cannot assume that a client is not friendly just by that. I think it’s very disrespectful to simply not answer as I would never do that, but @lenasemenkova called to my attention that clients may not be aware that a late delivery can affect our performance on Fiverr. So, after realising that, I’m not going to judge this client personality because I never spoke with him and I have no idea why he is not answering. Maybe he can have a problem or maybe he is waiting for the script approval from his client (if he is reselling), I don’t know… Of course that it’s strange that a person simply don’t talk about it, but sometimes people don’t have the same communication skills that we do. I already sent the time extention request, so, for not it’s done. I guess that depending on how things work this time I will think about that better and decide how to act if a situation like this happens in the future. Time extension is perfect idea, I just noticed sometimes client just made order and not sure why they didn’t provide appropriate information to start working on their project but fiverr countdown started. Because they filled out that confirmation at fiverr that they provided enough information, in that case I have message client and sent time extension so it don’t’ effect any late delivery or cancellation. Likewise you can complete that order without any stress.
  14. If you search on fiverr forum, you could see many seller are talking about that, it’s maybe fiverr technical issues because some of experienced seller who has 1k+reviews are facing the same issues… 😐 One of my gig was first page and I got regular sale, suddenly my gig disappeared from fiverr search results and I’m not getting any new client, order or messages from last two month. 😥
  15. Surprising thing is that, you have 1K+reviews and some of TRS and level 2 seller have this kind of issues and they’re talking about that here but nothing is fixed still now. 😐
  16. Yes I have same issues from last two month, my gig was first page and suddenly it disappeared and it’s not even last page. I have completed some order hardly with repeated client but it didn’t help to increase even single impressions. I have contacted CS but i didn’t get human response, not sure how it’ll be fixed and when fiverr will take any action, 😥
  17. Everything will not be alright until fiverr take any action about it, it’s not gig ranking issues, it’s fiverr bug or any technical issues and even we’re not getting CS human responses. If it’s gig ranking issues then if we do marketing and complete any order then it helps to increase gig impression but now anything don’t have any effect on gig, just getting down everyday, it’s near to zero click. 😐
  18. Today morning I woke up open YouTube saw that viral video “Thirsty squirrel begging for water melts millions of hearts” 💖 and now you’re talking about squirrels, so interesting ☺️ When you’ve time just watch that viral video, it can melt heart immediately 😀
  19. It seems fiverr bug many good seller who has gig ranked and more order are getting that same issues. If you check fiverr forum you’ll see many seller are talking about that… 😐 Hope fiverr will fix that issues.
  20. I have same issues, my gig was first page and suddenly it disappeared and my gig isn’t even indexed in fiverr search. I have submitted ticket but i didn’t get human response from fiverr CS. So how can i fix it 😥
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