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  1. Fiverr is working on their platform to update. That's why maximum seller faces this problem.
  2. Yes,,, You can add following links. ammyy.com blogspot.com flickr.com mixcloud.com reverbnation.com soundcloud.com spotify.com teamviewer.com tumblr.com vimeo.com wetransfer.com wikipedia.org youtube.com
  3. Give an attractive image on gig thumbnail
  4. Share your gig on social media platform
  5. You need to give an attractive image on your gig thumbnail. Buyers will never click on your gig unless you have an interesting thumbnail on it.
  6. do work hard to get order
  7. share your gig link on social media send buyer request give attractive image on gig
  8. Many buyers contact those who are online. In that case, if you are not online then the buyers will not contact you and the chances of getting the order will be less. And if you're not very online, you're less likely to get an order. If you do not believe you can try।
  9. Be active more than 15 hours create 7 gig Send 10 buyer request daily share your gig use video in your gig thumbnail write a attractive description
  10. For using the Fiverr forum you will not get any orders.
  11. When a buyer does order without contact, then?
  12. Please visit this link and read this article. I hope it will better for you. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360050062693-Tips-to-submit-an-effective-Buyer-Request?segment=buyer
  13. If it's mutual cancel then your profile won't any effect. But after canceling the order, you should talk to the Fiverr support team.
  14. For editing you faced this problem. Don't edit your gig. Because when you edit your gig Fiverr Community will take it as a new gig. So, you can check your gig status. Link: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig
  15. Create a low competitor keyword gig, share your gig on social media. Be active more that 15 hours. Send 10 buyer request daily. Develop your skill on your category. I hope you will get first order soon.
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