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  1. So I think “promoted gig” is perfect for those who’re not getting any order or gig is de ranked. If you’re Top rated seller or gig is already in first page so what do need to promote gig 😉
  2. You had only this gig issue, other gig was in search results, But my all gig is out of search
  3. It seems fiverr bug many good seller who has gig ranked and more order are getting that same issues. If you check fiverr forum you’ll see many seller are talking about that… 😐 Hope fiverr will fix that issues.
  4. I have same issues, my gig was first page and suddenly it disappeared and my gig isn’t even indexed in fiverr search. I have submitted ticket but i didn’t get human response from fiverr CS. So how can i fix it 😥
  5. I can’t believe how they can earn six figure income per month from fiverr 😁 It’s awesome.
  6. so did you get your gig back in search results
  7. I have same issues more than one month but they didn’t fix it yet
  8. Did you get your gig back in search results
  9. I think top rated buyer prefer who’re mostly active as they expect to get response asap. that’s why they’ve used that online seller trigger. Also fiverr also give that option to search "online seller"filter so most of the time is being active will work great for fiverr freelancing.
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